Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution services include both claims preparation and the analysis of claims prepared by another party. We have experience in preparing and analyzing claims including: schedule delay analyses, productivity analyses, project management evaluations, damage calculations for productivity and delay, and cumulative impact analyses. Mr. Palmer is a Certified Forensic Claims Consultant (CFCC). We have performed these analyses on most types of power plants including nuclear, combined cycle, simple cycle, coal, and geothermal. Other types of projects that we have experience on include refineries, light rail systems, steel mills, and biopharmaceutical facilities.

We have alliances in place with many independent experts throughout the country, which allows us to increase our resources on large dispute projects when required. This approach keeps our overhead costs low and allows us to pass that savings on to our clients. Our alliances include many consultants that have been expert witnesses on many dispute resolution issues.

Our methodology on some specific analyses that we perform is as follows:

  • Delay Analysis: We typically use an enhanced approach of the “Window Analysis” methodology in performing a delay analysis.

  • Productivity Analysis: We generally use the “Measured Mile” methodology in performing a productivity analysis.

  • Cumulative Impact Analysis: We use the “Time & Space” methodology in performing a cumulative impact analysis. This is an approach developed by GR Palmer Consulting Services, LLC and is an analysis that compares the time relationship and the space or area relationship of change order work and its impact on base work.

We also offer project claims assistance during the execution of an ongoing project to our clients, whereby we review the project’s contractual documents and contemporaneous documentation to determine if a contractor or an owner has entitlement to a claim. When it is determined that there is entitlement to a claim on the behalf of our client, we then assist in the preparation of the claim whether it be a delay analysis, an acceleration analysis, a productivity analysis or a cumulative impact analysis.

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