Planning & Scheduling

Our planning & scheduling background is beyond question. Mr. Palmer has been working in the planning and scheduling field for more than 30 years and has been using Primavera Project Planner since 1985. He is a member of the planning and scheduling committee for AACEI (Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineers International). He is a certified PSP (Planning and Scheduling Professional) and holds certification number 00022. He at one time held the position of corporate head of planning and scheduling for a major engineering and construction company.

Our services within planning and scheduling include:

  • Project Planning: Mr. Palmer took part in a panel discussion 3 years ago at the annual AACEI conference and that panel unanimously voted that the single biggest problem leading to poor performance in the construction industry today was “poor planning.” Our background in dispute work has proved this to be the case. We help many of our clients develop their early project plan that ultimately becomes the basis for their project schedule. We have a proven methodology for planning complex construction projects that gets the entire project team involved. We can show you a better way of planning.

  • Planning & Scheduling Assistance: We offer assistance to our clients in the preparation and updating of proposal schedules, project execution schedules and recovery schedules.

  • Schedule Auditing: We have developed a simple auditing approach to determining if any project schedule meets industry “best practice” standards. Many of our clients want to know how their work product stacks up compared to the rest of the industry. We look at their work and advise them of where they can improve their approaches to planning & scheduling. The audit duration depends on the total number of activities in the schedule, but we can usually turn around these audits in 2-3 days.

  • Delay Analysis: In addition to the delay analyses that we perform during disputes, we also perform monthly project delay analyses for many clients during the execution of an ongoing project. This is the least expensive approach in performing a delay analysis because the delaying events are fresh in everyone’s mind and the documentation is readily available. This approach allows the contractor and owner the ability to negotiate away any project delays on a monthly basis and avoid a huge dispute at the completion of the project.

  • Training: We offer training in planning and scheduling, from the basics to the more complex aspects.

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