Project Management

Our Project Management services include the auditing of project management methodologies, both on a corporate and project specific basis. These audits compare a company’s actual project execution approach to how their internal procedures say they will execute a project (sometimes called a GAP Analysis) as well as to industry best practices and determine if there are areas where specific changes in that execution could enhance project performance and profitability. Some of the areas these audits review include employee experience, workflow and record keeping.

We also offer project claims assistance during the execution of an ongoing project to our clients, whereby we review the project’s contractual documents and contemporaneous documentation to determine if a contractor or an owner has entitlement to a claim. When it is determined that there is entitlement to a claim on the behalf of our client, we then assist in the preparation of the claim whether it be a delay analysis, an acceleration analysis, a productivity analysis or a cumulative impact analysis.

Other services that we provide include:

  • Cost Control Evaluation: an evaluation of the level of detail at which costs are collected to ensure the ability to substantiate claims.

  • Validation of project estimates: an evaluation of the steps taken when preparing a project estimate to ensure that the proper due diligence is built into each estimate prepared.

  • Auditing of earned value systems: an evaluation of how progress is determined on a project to ensure that the approach is accurate and quantitative.

  • Evaluation of change control programs: an evaluation of the system in which changes in contractual work scope are melded into a given project and determine the extent of the impact those changes have on the original scope of work.

  • Writing of project management and controls’ procedures: Assisting clients with writing procedures on all aspects of project management.
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